The Story

Manuel Podhostnik, also known by his stage name Skyed, is a drummer, music producer and a songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. Following the nature of Jazz in its essential art form is crucial in expressing himself as an artist. His work is based on exploring, evolving and pushing the mental boundaries on the instrument. Production wise, Skyed is inventing new concepts and successfully incorporates them in writing music. When an artist is allegedly stagnating, he is actually very much involved in a process of creativity, resulting in unexpected musical gems. Manuel is one of those people, who produces the unexpected without a constant control of creation. It is the act of instantaneous ideological explosion. One has to create here and now to be able to produce the musical idea in its roughest, freshest form.

His upcoming release, called Curiosity, is the reflection of using software to blend the genres, such as organic jazz and electronica. He uses the knowledge of musical expression used in the past and tries to place it in probable future. His work avoids stereotypes and expects a certain amount of openness. It is filled with freely incorporated musical genres and elements that create an awe element with the listener. This is his first album released as a band leader.

The outcome is a diligent blend of traditional jazz improvisation nested inside computer programed electronic music. Strongly sensible and fascinated by the endless oscillation of our environment, he also releases electronic music and finds himself working freely across genres.